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How 24-Hour Home Care Can Help Your Mom

24-Hour Home Care: Medication Reminders in St. Louis, MO
24-Hour Home Care: Medication Reminders in St. Louis, MO

If your mom has lost her spouse and is now living alone in the family home you are probably worried about health and safety living alone. 24-home care can help your mom live comfortably at home so she doesn’t have to leave the home where all her memories are.

Seniors that live alone are often a little afraid at night. They are usually afraid some type of emergency happening when no one is there to help them. That could be some kind of criminal activity, or a fire, or even medical machinery they need breaking down. There’s just something about being alone at night that makes seniors aging in place feel vulnerable.

24-hour home care will give your mom the sense of security she needs to feel happy and confident living in her home. If your mom has 24-hour home care someone will be there around the clock to help her get around the house, make her meals and snacks, remind her to take her medication, and keep her company.


Some of the biggest benefits of 24-hour home care for seniors living at home are:


Around The Clock Support

If your mom uses a walker or a cane or has a history of falling having someone in the house around the clock will lower the risk that she will fall and hurt herself. Knowing she will have help getting up the stairs, getting to the bathroom, or just getting around the house will give you peace of mind, especially at night.


Medication Reminders

Seniors often take medication in the morning and in the evening. But, when your mom takes medication at night she may be too tired to remember how to take it. She could take too much or too little or forget to take it entirely. A care provider can remind your mom to take her nighttime medications and help her take them the way they prescribed.


Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

A care provider that is with your mom during the day can make sure she eats healthy meals and snacks. They can shop for groceries to make sure that your mom has all the things she likes to eat, and they can do the dishes and clean up the kitchen after meals. Even though your mom won’t need meals at night, it’s still nice to have a caregiver there who can make her a snack, fix her some tea or hot water with lemon, and make sure she’s comfortable and not hungry or thirsty.



If your mom gets anxious at night being alone with 24-hour home care she will have company during the time of the day when her anxiety is the highest. That can help her mental and physical health. Your mom will sleep easier and sleep better knowing that someone is there, just in case something happens. And if your mom wakes up in the middle of the night and needs something you’ll know that a caring and compassionate person will be there to get her anything that she needs.


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