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Caring For A Senior With Cancer

24-hour home care provides needed support to seniors with cancer.
24-hour home care provides needed support to seniors with cancer.

If your senior mom or dad has cancer, taking care of them can be a big job. If you need a break from caregiving or have to go back to work and can’t take care of them easily anymore, 24-hour home care can help.

24-hour home care is available to help seniors who are fighting cancer or living with any serious illness.

The extra support and companionship that comes from having someone in the home with them 24 hours a day can bring comfort to your senior mom or dad. And it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that they are being well taken care of around the clock.

Every senior’s fight against cancer is different, but these general tips should help you take care of your mom or dad while they are sick:


Provide Emotional Support

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be emotionally overwhelming for both the senior parent and their family caregivers. Offering emotional support by actively listening, validating feelings, and providing reassurance can help your senior parent with their anxiety, stress, and fear.

Encourage them to talk about their feelings and fears. Also, express your empathy and understanding without telling them how they should feel. Let them feel what they feel.


Go With Them To Medical Appointments

Help coordinate and attend medical appointments with your mom or dad, including consultations, treatments, and follow-up visits. You can be a big help when it comes to gathering information.

Take notes, ask questions, and advocate for your parent’s needs and preferences during appointments. Track medications, treatment plans, and side effects to ensure continuity of care and effective communication with healthcare providers. Your senior parent will need some help remembering and processing all that information.

If you cannot go to certain appointments, 24-hour home care will accompany your loved one.


Offer Practical Assistance

Your senior mom or dad will need help with practical tasks during treatment. This may include preparing meals, running errands, providing transportation, managing household chores, and coordinating home care services as needed. If you can’t consistently be there for them, arrange for 24-hour home care so they are never alone.


Make Home A Sanctuary

Help manage your parent’s physical symptoms and discomfort associated with cancer and its treatment by making the home as comfortable as possible. Keep the temperature comfortable; make sure they have plenty of cozy blankets, comfortable pajamas, and warm slippers.


Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Choices

While battling cancer, it’s even more important for seniors to eat healthy, get enough sleep, manage stress, and make the best possible lifestyle choices. They are in a big fight and need to be as physically strong and healthy as they can be.

Make sure the house is stocked with healthy groceries and a few treats, too. 24-hour home care providers can help create a healthy and less stressful environment for seniors in their homes.


Connect With Other Families

Your senior parent and your family are in a unique club. Even when people mean well, they don’t really understand what the fight against cancer is like. Join a support group or connect with other families going through the same thing so you have support from people who have gone through what you’re going through.



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