24-Hour Home Care

Pear Tree’s 24-Hour home care services can encompass a wide range of tasks, all completely personalized to your situation. From assisting with daily activities to monitoring health conditions. Each 24-Hour plan is based on your family’s unique needs, while promoting autonomy and preserving your loved one’s desired lifestyle.

Our 24-Hour Home Care Services Include:

Make sure your loved ones aren’t only in good hands, they’re in great hands. Fill out our quick and easy Home Care Assessment and we’ll get back to you with a personalized care plan designed to give you, and your family, more peace of mind.

Signs That 24-Hour Care May Be Needed

Identifying the need for 24-Hour care often begins with disruptive changes in normal routines and behaviors. That can range from having issues with simple activities of daily living to increasing dementia symptoms. With 24-Hour care from Pear Tree, your loved ones can stay in their home, surrounded by familiar settings and memories, enhancing comfort and quality of life. Regular assessments ensure that we continue to exceed evolving needs while ensuring your loved one’s safety and well-being, and respecting their lifestyle and choices.

Exceptional 24-Hour Home Care in St. Louis, Ladue, Chesterfield, Town and Country, Clayton, Des Peres, St. Charles, Wildwood, Brentwood, Maryland Heights, Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Arnold, Oakville, Mehlville, Creve Coeur, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, Warren County, Jefferson County.

24-Hour Home Care | St. Louis | Pear Tree Home Care
24-Hour Home Care | St. Louis | Pear Tree Home Care

Live-In Care Is An Option Too

There are technically two types of around-the-clock care. You have 24-Hour care and then Live-In care. They provide different levels of support, catering to families or individuals with various needs. Before settling for any long-term home care service, it’s crucial to understand the difference between the two.

  • 24-Hour Care: A 24-Hour care option offers constant, around-the-clock supervision. Ideal for those suffering from critical conditions or repeated safety concerns. However, it’s possible that 24-Hour care incurs more cost to the family.  
  • Live-In Care: With Live-In care, a caregiver will reside with your loved one, offering supervision and companionship throughout the day. But, that caregiver will sleep at night. This option is best for those who can sleep through the night without assistance.

Ultimately, the choice between 24-Hour care and Live-In care should be dictated by the specific needs of your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Around-the-Clock Home Care

They’re highly trained, experienced professionals, equipped with the necessary skills. They’re certified, compassionate, and committed, providing quality, personalized care to clients. In essence, they’re not just caregivers, they’re an extension of the family.

In the face of emergencies, Pear Tree’s team leaps into action. They’re meticulously trained to handle unexpected situations, providing comfort and safety. Their response is swift, ensuring freedom from worry for both the client and their family.

Absolutely! Pear Tree’s care services can be tailored to suit a loved one’s needs and preferences. They believe in a personalized approach, understanding that one size does not fit all in home care.

Yes, they can. Pear Tree’s care isn’t a one-man show. It’s a symphony of family involvement, ensuring each client’s needs are met while keeping loved ones in the loop and part of the process.

Pear Tree Home Care prioritizes patients’ mental and emotional well-being. They’ve tailored programs to engage minds, foster connections, and nurture positivity. It’s not just about physical health; they understand mental and emotional care is equally essential.

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