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Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s has no schedule and the demands it puts on loved ones can be unforgiving – but there’s no way you’re going to let your family down.

Companion Care

Our caregivers are able to provide a variety of services that help your loved ones make it on their own. This could include meal preparation...

Respite Care

When you can’t be there or when you need to step away for a bit, one of our experienced caregivers can lighten the load. If you need to be gone...

Personal Care

Like having a family member in the house, our assistants are able to brighten their day and assist them with regular, daily activities like dressing...

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How do you juggle your responsibilities while still being there for the ones in your life who matter the most? They gave you the world and you want to give back – and Pear Tree Home Care is able to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones have the best care available.

Our team of caregivers are available for an afternoon or for round-the-clock care – whatever you need. We can help get them to their appointments, make dinner, do a bit of cleaning, or help them achieve basic daily tasks like mobility, hygiene, and visits to the bathroom.

Let them stay at home and live the way that they want – and the way that you want them to live too. Compassion is our driving goal, and we’re lucky to be located in St. Louis with such a great group of clients and families to work with.

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