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Why Seniors Want To Live At Home As They Age

Senior home care can help your aging loved one age in place comfortably.
Senior home care can help your aging loved one age in place comfortably.

A whopping 92% of seniors surveyed said that they wanted to continue living in their own homes as they aged. If your senior parent is one of those 92%, but you’re worried about them living alone at home, your concerns are valid. Safety, isolation, and lack of social support are all big concerns that most family members have about their senior parent aging in place.

Senior home care is the perfect solution. It provides practical help and social support to seniors who want to continue living at home. If your senior parent has senior home care, you won’t have to worry about them being lonely, struggling with household chores, or unable to keep up with tasks like shopping or getting to medical appointments.


Why Seniors Prefer To Age In Place

One of the biggest reasons seniors want to stay in their homes as they get older is independence. Seniors don’t want to give up their ability to direct their lives. And with senior home care, they don’t have to. Some of the other reasons seniors say they want to age in place are:


Family Memories

Seniors who choose to live in the family home as they get older often say they want to stay because of the memories attached to that home.  Memories of family holiday celebrations, quiet weekend mornings, their kids growing up in the home, pets who shared their lives, and memories of a spouse who has passed are powerful reminders of a life well-lived. It’s no wonder that seniors would prefer to stay in a place where they are surrounded by the comfort of memories.



From a practical standpoint, seniors prefer to stay in their homes because they know their way around those homes. If your senior parent has lived in their home for a long time they probably know every creaky stair, every nail in the floor, and exactly where the stair handrail meets the wall in the hallway. A familiar space can make it easier for them to get around, especially if they start to have problems with their vision or develop a condition like dementia that can impact their sense of space.


Neighbors and Friends

Seniors who have lived in the same neighborhood for many years probably have many neighbors and friends nearby with whom they have cultivated relationships.

It can be difficult for seniors to make new friends. So, staying in a familiar neighborhood surrounded by people they have known for a long time can comfort them. It can also make them feel more secure knowing there are people close by who can help them if they need it.



Your senior parent may also not want to leave their home because of its location. Seniors often prefer to stay in their homes to be close to the stores, doctors, and businesses they know and love.



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