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5 Common Symptoms Of UTIs That Seniors Experience

Personal care at home can help seniors if they are not feeling well from a possible UTI.
Personal care at home can help seniors if they are not feeling well from a possible UTI.

Urinary tract infections are very common in seniors, especially those who struggle with incontinence. Personal care at home services is a good option if your senior mom or dad needs help with hygiene tasks. Personal care at home providers is a way for your senior parent to get the help they need with things like bathing and going to the bathroom that keeps their dignity intact.

There are a lot of different symptoms that could indicate that your mom or dad has a UTI, but one of the most common is personality change. Even seniors who don’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia can experience a temporary personality change if they have a UTI. So, if your senior parent suddenly starts acting out of character, you should first schedule a doctor’s appointment for them.

If they have a UTI, antibiotics can typically clear it up quickly, and with the help of personal care at home services, your senior parent should return to their usual personality.

Some other common signs of UTIs in seniors are:


Frequent Urination or Urgency

Seniors who have a UTI may experience a sudden and frequent need to urinate, even if there is little urine to pass. If your mom or dad feels like they need to get up and go the bathroom every hour or more than that, they could have a UTI. And, if they wake up at night to go to the bathroom, and that’s not normal for them, call the doctor to have a UTI test done.


Pain or Burning Sensation

Pain or burning during urination is a classic symptom of a UTI. However, older adults may not always report this symptom, especially if they have other conditions that could be causing them pain.

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may not be able to tell you that they are experiencing pain. But they may show body language that indicates they are in pain, like wincing or trying to avoid going to the bathroom. Personal care at home caregivers are specially trained to notice behavior and signs that are out of character for seniors.


Foul-Smelling or Cloudy Urine

Changes in the appearance or odor of urine, such as cloudiness or a strong odor, may indicate an infection in the urinary tract. Any changes in urine should be reported by family or personal care at home caregivers to their doctor because it could indicate a kidney problem, a UTI, or another health condition that is new to them and needs to be treated by a doctor.


Incontinence or Accidents:

Older adults with UTIs may experience urinary incontinence or sudden accidents, particularly if they have difficulty controlling their bladder or if they’re frail. Make sure your senior parent knows that there is nothing to be embarrassed about if they are having bladder problems because of a UTI.


Generalized Weakness or Fatigue

UTIs can cause a general feeling of malaise or weakness, which may be mistaken for other age-related conditions. If your senior parent is generally pretty energetic but starts getting lethargic and tired, they should see a doctor. They could have a UTI, or they could have another condition that is causing the fatigue that the doctor should know about.



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