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Personal Care

Personal Care Service, ST Louis

Like having a family member in the house, our assistants are able to brighten their day and assist them with regular, daily activities like dressing and grooming, bathing, toileting, exercise, remembering their medication, and ensuring basic mobility.

Our caregivers have a gentle touch with an effective manner that allows them to assist your loved one in maintaining a full, normal routine. When you allow Pear Tree Home Care to assist your family, we work with you to determine a service plan that respects your family members while providing for their needs and protecting as much of their personal space, routines, and independence as possible.

Many senior citizens begin to neglect basic hygiene activities like bathing simply out of fear that they’ll fall and injure themselves. Pear Tree Home Care understands that nobody wants to be forced into receiving care, and operating with empathy is an essential part of why our caregivers are some of the best. They can step in and provide essential, personal care without violating the independence or dignity or your loved ones. The balancing act between providing care and respecting autonomy is tricky, but you can trust Pear Tree Home Care to always do right by your family.

Call Pear Tree Home Care today and let’s talk about creating a plan that can enhance the life and protect the spirit of your loved ones. We have experience in helping families with movement disorder, Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis and many other disabilities.

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