Personal Care Services, St Louis

Diverse Personal Care Services for Maintaining Your DignityAt Pear Tree, we offer a variety of Personal Care aid and services to assist with daily activities. This not only gives senior citizens additional peace of the mind but also provide the sense of responsibility and comfort they deserve. Our caregivers provide confidential and sensitive care to elderly people which help them to remain healthy and independent as long as possible.

Our senior personal care services include but not restricted to the following:-

Hygiene Assistance: – personal hygiene care can help senior citizens to feel and look their best, whether it involves shaving, hair styling or anything in between.

Dressing assistance: – dressing makes a big difference how a person feels. Something small things leave a big impact on one’s wellbeing.

Mobility: – The importance of walking increases with the age, therefore we help senior citizens to get from one place to another confidently and safely.

Bathing:-Our caregivers remains extra conscious and strive to eliminate the risk of falling during showering and bathing by creating a safe bathing environment.

Our caregivers treat every client with utmost respect and compassion. With this, we want to develop meaningful interactions and trust between our caregivers and clients.