Why Choose Home Care

Improved Quality of Life

We help them maintain the comfort and dignity that comes from staying in their own home through illness, disability, or recuperation.

Cost-Effective Care

As the cost of health care facilities continues to rise, Pear Tree Home Care offers a diverse menu of services that gives you competitive option to offset some of those costs while still ensuring high-quality care for your loved ones.

Preserving Their Independence

It’s their life, we’re just stopping by to help out. We’ll help them maintain that strong, independent life that they’re used to.

Peace of Mind

Just because you can’t always be there doesn’t mean that they’re not in good hands – we’ll treat them like they’re family.


Being able to stay in a familiar space means a reduced risk of falls or injury. Staying out of medical facilities is also a great way to avoid risk of exposure to infectious elements.

Graying of the Nations

As medicine improves, our lives are extended and the senior population is growing fast. As care facilities become crowded, staying at home will be everyone’s first choice.

Personal Care

Our team of trained caregivers are able to provide personal care while they assist with routine activities like mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting and exercise.

Promotes Healing

The positive environment and good attitutde that comes from being in your own space is scientifically proven to help promote faster healing.

Reduced Stress

It’s easier to reduce stress and promote a healthy outlook when you’re in the familiar comfort of your own space.